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Welcome to HelloPaint

Welcome to HelloPaint, the online collaboration tool for digital artists! With our browser-based web platform, draw together with your friends, no matter the distance. Join our global community of passionate artists of all skill levels and backgrounds.

HelloPaint is currently in early beta, and a collaboration between malmal.io and iScribble.net.
We combined iScribble's 12 year legacy with malmal.io's modern technology, and together, we look forward to inspiring the next generation of digital artists.

Thanks for being here- If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please get in touch at hello@hellopaint.io!

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doodle hehe
yeah another oc doodle
reference: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/d7/1a/12/d71a1247617b71061ba0f34dce9e51b0.jpg

Haven't drawn in a while :> i draw better here than on a normal art program idky
Again, just publishing so I can download :)
silly little doodle
Just beat the devil out of it.
Slight difference lol
just a doodle of oc
Pretty proud of this.
How do people choose colors????????
kinda hate this but oh well
Just… monster gurls you know?
I hate coloring 😫
bad at names
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