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shoulder devil and chill shoulder angel soul

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  • Soul
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  • practice
  • *insert "My crippling anxiety"*
  • Oc sketch reference (see description, oh god the lore sound so bad i want to throw up X_X)
  • practice
  • BOTTOM LEFT/ as to where i've been
  • Crying child from fnaf
  • hank j wimbleton from madness combat
  • practice
  • at least it's not a "milkshake" from femboy hooter's X_X
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  • Dino
  • Meto’s Workout
  • Hide and seek
  • grrg
  • Rainbow Eyes
  • Figure I'd publish the whole thing.
  • Someone reassure me please.
  • Big step out of my comfort zone
  • im crying out for help

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