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How did you do the text?

Presenting the official tutorial to do cool text like LotusClock. Now boys and girls you will all be able to do very cool text like me. This is 100% hand-made. No scripts were used for any of the making of this tutorial. [keywords:I've been asked many times how is my text done. This scribble overviews three techniques for pixel drawing on iScribble, which is the base of putting text in your pictures, and includes a guide to the font I use, which is the one you see in the chatbox at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy. 1) Zoom in and use the Brush tool at size 1. Easy to figure out and intuitive, I would normally recommend it but the Brush tool behaves oddly in iScribble. It creates two faded pixels, forcing you to constantly erase stray pixels. When you publish, well... one look at this text should convince you how wrong it can go. Use it for training only. 2) Sculpt the letter from a solid block. My usual method. Hard but effective. Draw a thick line. Use the size 1 eraser to dig out the letters. like this. If you accidentally erase a good pixel, draw a small spot over the hole and retry. Oops Oops Oops. Create a mask on a upper layer. Fairly easy and convenient, but uses two layers. Apply your color. On the layer above, apply a masking color. Now scratch the mask away with size 1 eraser. Easy, uh. Make sure the mask blends with the background, unlike here. Rate 6 plz. There is always a distance of one pixel between letters and four pixels between words. Blue pixels overlap that distance. LotusClock]

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