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Indigo Children

"Sirius, Venus, and the lunar child giggle and the flames grow higher. Dance in a circle around a central fire the indigo children." - Indigo Children by Puscifer. Ok some important things to note about this, No ref used. Only mouse used. And LOTS AND LOTS of help and advice from loads of brilliant iscribblers and random guests :D Special thanks to Ani, Doomcat, Wuschu, iscribbler.. I forget the names.. if you helped me out give me your name.. thanks xD Also, thanks to all the long term visitors. :P NB! I am aware of the anatomical faults, but I have tried and tried and failed endlessly to fix them so I'm throwing in the towel :P to move on to new projects. Hope you enjoy this picture.. It's inspired by the song mentioned above and by the whole theory of Indigo children. :D

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