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OMG! I don't want to do another pixel project anymore OTL Anyways, I present to you this Vocaloid sprite line-up! At least, Vocaloids from Crypton and Internet Co. Ltd. With the exception of a couple because I found them worthy enough to be with the rest c: . SO! Do you think you can name all 25 Vocaloids, or the songs that match their outfits? whisper it to me ( /w KS)* naming all characters! starting from top left all the way to bottom right. just whisper like "<character OR song>, <character OR song>, .." etc. You ONLY have to name the title of the song (in english or romaji plz) if it's for an alternative outfit. So no name + song if it's for an alternative costume. Also, the first name is enough except for the first character. The more you know, the higher the points. And you will be added to the.. HALL OF VOCALOID FAME!! yay.. ----HALL OF VOCALOID FAME--- 1.Woestijn(25p!) 2.Lintz (25p!) 3.Demmy(25p!) 4.Lolithon(22p) 5.iPanduhh (21p) 6.TetoKasane12 (19p) 7.Haruhi (15p) 8. 9. ... *I'll add people to the list in order of whisper or offline message order...so you know.. If you want to be in the list with a specific name you should add that BEFORE the answerlist. Also, registered only c: sorry restricted users! All characters and names are copyrighted to their rightful owner too!

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