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peace, love and happiness. User Kimie (Kimie) Country: United Arab Emirates Rank: Power User peace, love and happiness. User Kimie (Kimie) Country: New Zealand Rank: Power User (SO I WAS TRAVELLING.. ^) Jennifer: dictionary: poopy. to be awesome fantastic amazing. poopy. -silence- Jennifer: there is so many videos of foxes jumping on trampolines Jennifer: jeni is Kimie: a fish Kimie: um Kimie: jenni Kimie: i have a present for you Kimie: please dont over react k? Kimie: x: Jennifer: DDDDDDDDDDD: Jennifer: D: ??? Kimie: Jennifer: fkjngjnrkjBjhbjhnjkjnjknf bnjksdf kjgtbsr Jennifer signed out. Kimie: well that was quite mild considering.. Kimie: Milla.: pocket malta Milla.: malta is small but come on [08:59] odyssey2001: its a program ? [09:00] Kimieeee: is what a program? [09:01] odyssey2001: script ? [09:02] Skreee: when you're so good [09:03] Skreee: you get accused of being a robot [09:03] Skreee: rofl