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rck.: can i give you another secret? rck.: i really need to get this off my chest Dondiddles: sure KneeJaw: I'm an expert at getting things off girl's chests. -rck. ran fast through the forest, with great speed. her eyes darkened darkly as she saw another wolf with her dark eyes. - -Dondiddles: *sits at keyboard, types furiously "Eve the wolf sits down on a patch of grass, when she finishes sitting down, she looks at her make blushingly and her cheeks also turn red, her mate notices her on the grass, the grass where she just sat down on."......waits for other people to post, eats doritos.* -rck. blushed at don, blushingly her cheeks turned red with her blush. she laid down on the damp grass and got wet from the dampness. she licked her beautiful fur that was shining beautifully in the sun, because it was wet. - Dondiddles: someone told me that RPing would help them in creative writing Dondiddles: Charles Dickens RPd as a teenage wolf before writing great expectations rck.: lmao Dondiddles Boog strolls into the high-rise office. He had a job interview today for a part-time telemarketing potisiong he did not want to ruin. He adjusted his tweed suit meticulously and stepped into the elevator. "Four please", he quipped, doing a couple roundhouse kicks in the elevator to pump him up, much to the annoyance of the people inside the elevator. <---- REAL RP fire-fox666 he is white with long bangs over his gorges gray pale eyes cubeologist: it looks like a desolate world OJuice: yea i know OJuice: i need to add some more detail OJuice: so it looks like their are windows and shit cubeologist: now just draw a decrepit concert stage and have blink 182 playing a song rck.: lmfao! JawKnee: There's only one vital organ I'm interested in.