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i hate drawing sm

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wooo zen is back hmhmhm
this was suppose to be 4 my bday hewhwh but i'll post it now hwehwh
theres a big chance ill delete this ugly piece of shit in the future
726 is a pretty number :D best moment in my life
my last straw
she look ugly asf
no name again ayayay
took me forever to render this but it turns out okay? i guess
my new oc
he was infact upset
she belongs to a girl name ivy. married for 4 years now hjwtea <33
almost kms drawing this
send help i can't move my legs
feeding myself
@ineverexist again tqsm ari for hanging out and watch minion movie with me :D It was vry fun~~ and tqsm for the chicken heheahea i hope we could go on a date again sometimes heahehr HAHSDUYGITF HAHEHA
i losing hope on malmal
be careful the red one bite
uion's twin
Zoom meeting call!
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