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Lost in those eyes
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Special thanks to Myth for letting me outfit their DnD character in my weird disco era phase.
On my way 2 ur mom
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(we will be having tea later- she made cookies)
Silly comic I made.
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Credit to: @Myth & @Ducktober, for giving me suggestions. Long story short, Demarion gets ran over by a semi truck driven by Duck and arrives to the time period of the Salem Witch Trials.
Amoebi's Land
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What if kirby was an amoeba like being who scared the shit out of everyone? (console name by Myth)
Murder on maid street
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(Doggy 1) do you think there’s a universe where it’s based to that maid horror film. (Doggy 2) what
Ghost Siblings. (No, we are not related irl)
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Sorry Myth, I guess we're stuck as ghost's for a bit.
Bug party?
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(best keep away from the toad corner, though)