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I gotta start on my novel soon becuase I have lore and a whole ass story-line packed and loaded. 
Also the two OC's in the front are Devon and Alice for anyone wondering.
here is it when its skin gone
MAL is digital entity of the doggy world, he is conscious and will actively try to interact with you. 
Avoid such interactions if you don’t want to be possessed by a sadistic killer
I'm scared, i just wanna go home
can't be bothered to do the clothing and colors for the rest, so here, AND I SWEAR TO GOD IF SOMEONE STEAL'S THIS
(Oc's: Iris(red hair)Harlow (giving blood rage ability to iris, reason why iris has wolf ear horns)
this took me 37+ hours and it looks hideous :sob:
I hate coloring 😫
inspired by the jollibee's phase 2 design
avatar oc
First time using this site :D
From Venture Bros on Cartoon Network
I can't drawbut I thinkit good though. Give me some advice please.
me at 1am
Something I drew. Idk how to add backgrounds.
kinda hate this but oh well
bsd brainrot hellowwwwwwwww
fully drawn with airbrush

airbrush op
grimbo au soul got into the pink sauce, oh sh!t oh f*@k (this one's for you toxiccartist XP)
My alt, come join the board :DDD
design inspired by aimkid
I got lazy
Stay watermelon
Pretty proud of this.
you got games on yo phone? O_O
Hey, you look a little down. Give this cat a pet. Trust me It's worth it.
growing up online is weird.
He says hello
Just beat the devil out of it.
testing this out
From It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
little guy with little wings, love him!
just a smol drawing<3
heheh little kitty
reference: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/d7/1a/12/d71a1247617b71061ba0f34dce9e51b0.jpg

Haven't drawn in a while :> i draw better here than on a normal art program idky
My mind is busy enough
I absolutely love that short film though, probably the only time I've ever actually cried to a film.
I hate how vividly I remember this feeling
love how i drew meowscarada
Haha heh hahaha …. heh…. eh..
gay lives matter! gay lives matter! gay lives matter! gay lives matter! gay lives matter!
Just practicing :)
im just sketchin tbh
I hid underneath the bed,
making no such sounds. 
My heart beats as he searches around. Walking around as the floor creaks
The of smell a rotten carcass reeks.
Oh fuck
42 mins
Neon my beloved <3
My room seriously smells like spraypaint i have 4 windows open..
Never saw this coming tbh but I think its pretty neat!
Lil paintball guy and big ol bull dilf, 11/10 best healthy couple
The sketch looked cool but they we're too lazy to finish it, so I just made a new layer and drew how I thought the rest of it looked!
Want a sprite cranberry?
Something's not right...
My art Ft.The silly little cat thats everywhere
2014 Tumblr looking ass
stupid idiot
Just… monster gurls you know?
Have you ever watched some form of media and just stay scared? I'm experiencing that right now.
My main oc

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