Pikkari (fake vocaloid/ vippaloid)
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Shrimp girl (it's circle bc it's a pfp for uh something mine)the silliesmeet my Mashle oc, Constanze Nithercott!!!!1!! ☝😹  (this is ugly) I THINK I FOUND MY NEW ARTSTYLE!!?!?!?!?!drew a person's ocStocking from Panty and Stocking but I can't remember her og designMafumafu fanart made by a sane fan of hisi love mafumafu i lovve mafumafu i love mafumafu i love mafumafu i love mafumafu i lovekagamine rin brainrot reali was boredtried drawing irl Mafumafu (how is bro 32 and looking like a 16 year old HOW)Kasane Teto
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Pikkari (fake vocaloid/ vippaloid)