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Thanks to all who came to our picnic! What a lovely way to start off HelloPaint's live beta.
Thanks for being you! We all hope you had a great birthday :) P.S. There is a surprise in the cake!
A collaboration drawn on HelloPaint's closed beta. Decided to make a random story out of it! To me this picture is a visual representation of the meaning of life. Each being plays a role that helps the others function in this fictional universe. 

A story was written to describe more of what this picture is, but it is too long to post in this description box for now. Enjoy this weirdness!
Remember This?! :D
Lagging brush strokes? You can still make art!
As somebodni said: our pores are a landscape
We all hope you have a wonderful day!! :)
HelloPaint's 2021 Holiday Collaboration. Organized by Athenia, thanks for joining!
another face doodle
Sketchy doodle :)
Face doodle
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