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Heyyoo everyone!! I scribble lots of stuff here drawing in malmal is so fun heh hope you have a great day/night <3

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she is beauty, she is grace, If you flirt w her Ei will punch you in the face sdfghgfd
Dominique ma am >o<
I love these gates they're so pretty!! I tried to do a background thingy hope it looks decent
Vanitas/ Vampire of the blue moon sketch 
wanted to do something Tarot related <3
Klein from the novel Lord of the Mysteries pspsps come read the novel
Precious precious bby love him
I love them *sobs*
Cale Henituse from Lout of the Count's Family <3
Vanitas brainrot never stops 😌
Why do I always stay up late to draw this stinky boy lmaoo
I love him aghh
Idk what I should've put to the title lmao
this is another unnamed Oc :P
pink hair >>>
Vanitas bby
The shapeless one as magician
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