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Jüśt ä dēräńged łīł' gūÿ. 🐍 Pronouns: He/Him

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Pretty proud of this.
Drawing søme IZ stuff.
so cute lol
Hey, you look a little down. Give this cat a pet. Trust me It's worth it.
I absolutely love that short film though, probably the only time I've ever actually cried to a film.
You know I can't make a drawing with out eyes y'all 💀.
From the IZ comic issue, #22
little guy with little wings, love him!
Drawing people's OC's
Dude bamboozled my ass when I thought, "finally a normal character!" ended up being an idiot.
First time using this site :D
You guy's have me squealing at this. THEY'RE SO GOOD! Thank you, for everyone who participated! 🤍
Drawing people's OC's.
Have you ever watched some form of media and just stay scared? I'm experiencing that right now.
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